Event Ticketing with
Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Allow attendees to purchase tickets for your next event
instantly using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Credit Card

Our Solution for a Hastle Free Attendee Experience

We are dedicated to providing attendees with a smooth and painless purchasing experience while ensuring that the transaction is the most secure possible. To that end, we've integrated Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, using Bitpay as the payment gateway, to give our attendees more options and more freedom to choose their preferred payment method.

Our Purchase Process

While we keep our purchase process minimal with a only a few quick steps and no requirement for login, we are still able to gather a wide range of analytics to help you better understand your attendee base. Detailed information about the purchase flow and demographics are available through our client-facing backend.


Select Your Payment Method

Keeping it simple, we allow attendees to purchase using a traditional Credit Card, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash.

Processing Your Payment with Bitpay

Bitpay is the most experienced company in bitcoin and blockchain payments. It's products enable businesses to send and receive payments easily across borders.


Marketing Tools To Reach New Attendees

We've built powerful tools for sharing and promoting your events. See how our marketing tools can help you sell more tickets online.


Want to Learn More?

Our team will walk you through our pricing, key features, and best practices for event regsitration. Email or call us below.